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ICARIS 2008 marzo 2, 2008

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Artificial Immune Systems are one of the most exciting recent new areas of research in computer science today. Researchers in this field focus on creating and exploiting biologically-inspired algorithms based on biological immune systems for applications such as machine learning, control and intrusion detection. There is also an increasing interest in the use of computers to model and analyse biological immune systems. The seventh International Conference on AIS continues the tradition of providing a forum for the world’s leading researchers in the area to present their latest results. ICARIS also encourages and supports newer researchers to the field, whether from academia or industry. Student grants will be available to contribute towards travel costs. Renowned researchers in the field will present plenary lectures and a number of general and specialist tutorials will be run just before the main conference. If you perform research into artificial immune systems or modelling of immune systems, you need to come to Thailand and join us!

The conference will have four streams:

1. Computational immunology
– Modelling and biology-specific work
– Stream leader : Emma Hart, Naiper Univ., UK,

2. Applied AIS
– Immune-inspired computer science systems, practical “AIS   Success   Story” applications in industry, commerce, arts,   and   academia
– Stream leaders :
  Henry Lau, Hong Kong Univ., China, ,
  Vincenzo Cutello, Catania Univ., Italy,

3. Theoretical AIS
– Theoretical analyses of computer science, information theory and/or   biology
– Stream leader : Andy Hone, Kent Univ., UK,

4. Position papers
– Providing a novel argument philosophical or methodological relating to   AIS and/or immunobiology
– Stream leaders :
  Jon Timmis, York Univ., UK,  
  Paul Andrews, York Univ., UK,

Please contact individual stream leaders for more information. Note that position papers will have shorter time to present, and longer for discussion at the end.

Important Dates in 2008

Paper submission :

April 04 , 2008


May 02 , 2008

Final Papers:

May 16 , 2008


August 10-13, 2008


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